Podcasts to fill your time and your mind

podcastRunning through the park, lounging on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, squished on the tube, waiting at a bus stop; these are all moments that we usually spend thumbing through our iTunes playlist or Facebook feed. Why not spend this time a little more wisely, learning about the yourself and the world? I like some tunes as much as the next person but sometimes you want to challenge your mind as well as your singing ability (also people will love you more on the tube if they cannot hear your death metal from the other side of the car).

Here are a few podcasts that will make you question your very existence:

Stuff You Should Know – Josh and Chuck. Now two of my favourite people. Their quick wit and wide knowledge of so many topics really makes me jealous. The pair even bring in audience participation, reading letters from fans at the end of each episode and asking listeners to submit topic ideas – ones that really do get used.

The Moth – Sometimes you are just so sick of your own life you want to hear about someones else’s. If this is the case then this podcast is for you. These are not always professional story tellers but the tales are full of humour, warmth and emotion that draws you in for a good 45 minutes.

Conversations with Richard Fidler – This one is for the Aussies in the audience. the ABC program airs five times a weak and features Richard Fidler learning the battles of remarkable people. While some of these conversations feature big names like James Earl Jones, others are unsung heroes who really should be recognised. Prepare the tissues.

Thursdays with Doctor Karl – Again for the Aussies out there and the brainiacs too. Dr Karl is an Australian science icon whose fact filled brain has filled dozens of books and numerous podcasts. If you want to learn cool facts like why the sky is blue and weather all dinosaurs have feathers then take 45 mins of your day to listen to this program.

This American Life – This masterpeice of radio really needs no introduction but for those who have been living under a rock (or simply out of the US of A) this NPR show is an hour of thought provoking stories. Which by the end really does not seem long enough.

Serial – My oh my. Well if you thought This American Life was good Serial just hits it out of the Park. A whole series based around one story of a man imprisoned for killing his high school girlfriend. Week by week you are given more information and stories until you yourself begin to wonder, will they ever know who really killed Hay.

Please go ahead and suggest some of your favourite podcasts below. I am always running out of episodes!


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