Things you can tell strangers

We’ve all been there. You return home after an important business dinner to find your left incisor hidden by a whopping piece of parsley. How long has it been there? You will never really know. Why didn’t anyone tell you? Because they are dickheads, that is why.

Anyone you speak to would agree that it is much more embarrassing to notice the toilet paper on your shoe as you get in the cab to go home than it is to have someone point it out as you exit the loos. So here’s the thing ladies. It is OK to tell a total stranger something like this. A moment of embarrassment can save a lifetime of horror. (Let’s be honest, we all have those moments that haunt us eight years later).

Here are a few other things that are perfectly acceptable to tell strangers:

“You have food on your face”

“There is pen on your face” (this is good for any kind of smudge really-think Emma Watson/Hermione Granger)

“Your skirt is stuck in your underwear”

“There is toilet paper on your shoe”

“Your dress is hanging out of your car door”

You get the point. Don’t be a dickhead and help a sister out with a little friendly advice.


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