Awesomely Awkward

Let’s face it. If we’re able to even have a normal conversation with the male species, we count that as a win. Getting them to actually want to spend time with us on a more permanent basis? Epic Win. Having had no experience in these matters, we can only base the research of this post on the books we’ve read, things we’ve watched and whatever we’ve daydreamed.

But, hark. Not every awkward girl’s life is like ours. Some of them do get the guy (or get the guys attention / intrigue the guy to establish a pattern for witty repartee, which we would also not turn down.) Check it out below, our favourite awkward women, getting their guy.

Eve Dallas

We love Eve Dallas. Let us tell you a story about a*ping* moment.

Do you know what a *ping* moment is? It’s a moment you have when you’re reading a new book or new author for the first time. It’ when your brain overloads on happiness because what you’re reading has broken a new emotional threshold, your eyes start to jump ahead, wanting to just devour the words; you have to force yourself to slow down; you may set the book aside for a moment because the feels are just too much and you need to get the dopey smile off your face. Nora Roberts’ Morrigan’s Cross was a *ping* moment. After that, we read everything she ever wrote, whatever I could get my hands on. And when we found out she and JD Robb were the same person, we read all those books too. Naked in Death gave me another *ping* moment because it gave us Eve.

Eve, who is kickass, Eve who is so horribly socially-awkward, who doesn’t even consider there might be a life outside of work, and who is so surprise, so utterly, utterly surprised at where her life ends up leading her.
Eve and Roarke are perfect. He’s too good to be true, sure, but that doesn’t matter. Perfect.


Okay, let’s get all the Nora Roberts characters out of the way first shall we? Moira who is mousy, Moira who is overshadowed by her exuberant cousin, who has limited fighting skills, who’s an outcast in many ways. Moira who manages to be the only one that can sufficiently get under Cian’s skin.

We like Moira because we share many of her qualities: we love to read. Moira is a scholar first and a warrior only by necessity. She can keep it together and keep a cool head. She’s sweet (this is a lie, we are not sweet). She’s a leader.

Felicity Smoak

So for this one we are going off the television show, having not read the comics but Felicity is by far our favourite character for her wit. She also has a pretty awesome sense of style.

Given the role of the trusty technologically skilled side kick, Felicity is also quick with the sarcastic remarks and has a very sharp tongue. She also has that trait (much like myself) where she sometimes forgets that she is saying things out loud or rambling along.

We really enjoy that she seems to be the person on the show that seems to vocalise what all the female audiences are thinking about Arrow often remarking on his body or exercise regime.

She proves you can be awkward and smart and guys will appreciate you for it.

Ok so she hasn’t got the guy yet, but it is early days and We’re giving her the benefit of the doubt. UPDATE: SHE GOT THE GUY!!!

Jess Day

The Ultimate Awkward girl. Jess is brilliant because she seems so utterly, utterly crazy, she knows no boundaries and she will Always Go There. We actually really respect Jess. She’s got a bravery that you don’t often see and if she sees something she wants, she’ll always go for it, awkward or not.

Yes, she has a lot of strange hobbies and really enjoys craft but she still ends up with the very lovable Nick Miller in a scenario that only really happens in books and movies. The old got-together-with-my-slightly-alternate-roommate scenario.

There are heaps of characters just like these in books, movies and TV shows. Which ones do you like best? Let us know which other ones you relate to.


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