It is time. Time to join a gym.

After many months of deliberation and quietly crying as I stuff handfuls of popcorn in my mouth I have decided that I must take the leap and join a gym.

I have been putting off the inevitable by telling myself that my 1km Saturday run could combat my candy bar a day habit.

But now it is time to face the music (literally, with all the classes) and sign on the dotted line.

I firmly believe in getting a good vibe from a gym before you join. The first one I found, I got no further than the creepy side alley it was located on before deciding it was a resounding ‘no’.

But the next one… Woah, it was cool! Brand spanking new, with shiny equipment and fresh paint and loads of people not having a clue where to begin in their battle of the bulge. This was the place for me.

The coolest and most thrilling part of all is how you get inside. You are each given a password (your own secret code) that you use to enter this cool pod-like glass cylinder (right) that automatically closes one door and opens the other to let you into the room. I like to imagine I am entering a super secret space station… because I am weird but hey, it gets me to the gym.

The thing that really tops it all off are the motivational wall and decals. They are surprisingly inspiring and not incredibly lame.

So the next time you head the the gym, it doesn’t have to be a space station but make sure you feel comfortable there because if you don’t, you will be flushing money down the drain.


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