The World of Goodreads

Goodreads? What is this Goodreads?

Have you ever felt like you have just figured out this amazing, awesome new in vogue thing only to discover you are possibly 5 years behind everyone else?

We went through that in the final week’s of December 2016. Weirdly enough, we have Emma Watson to thank for the Goodreads discovery. She published her Reading List for 2016 and the magical journey started.

“Well” you might say to us in a very bored tone, “What’s so exciting about Goodreads?”. My friend, let us show you the world of possibilities.

  • You can peruse other people’s reading lists like Emma Watson and feel like maybe if you read the same books as her, you too can have great success in life.


  • You can create ‘to read’ reading lists. This means you can put all of your lists in one place! No more iPhone notes, Word document lists and scribbles on backs of envelopes. Just one place that you can take everywhere you go.
  • You can create ‘read’ lists. This is very handy when you are in the middle of a series and you are waiting for the author to release the next book. This is the most exciting thing in the world if you are someone who can never and we mean never, ever, remember the author’s name.
  • You can choose to share with Facebook when you have finished reading a book. A great way to indulge your ego and let everyone know how intellectual you are (reading is reading, there is no judgement if it’s a smutty romance novel)!
  • Ladies and gentlemen. Our favourite part of Goodreads is the scan function. That’s right. You heard me. A scanning function. It works like this; You see ‘Rebellious Daughters’ on the Dymock shelf and you say to yourself “hmm that looks like a great read but I don’t feel like getting it today”. What do you do? You pull out your phone and scan its bar code and add it to your to read list.


There are a lot of other cute little capabilities with Goodreads including receiving recommendations based on your personal reading preferences and joining their reading challenge for 2017.

Happy Reading.


One thought on “The World of Goodreads”

  1. I love Goodreads! I use it for the ‘to read’ lists – and definitely use that scanner! I also post short reviews on there, especially if it’s not a well known author (because I know reviews can really help people get their name out there). But holy cow! I never thought about this idea of following Emma Watson! Or any other celebrity I admire! That’s brilliant.
    Great post, thanks for sharing. 🙂


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