RSPCA; Your Way

Have a pooch and want some quality one on one time with them? Don’t have a pooch and feel deprived of slobbery kisses and hugs? The RSPCA Million Paws Walk is just around the corner and there are a few ways you can get involved.


You can sign up for the Million Paws Walk challenge and ask your family and friends to donate for your efforts. See how many steps you can clock up leading to the final event day.


Don’t feel like pushing yourself and doing a physical challenge? No stress. You can still set up a fundraising page for you, your family and friends to donate to.


Join in on the Million Paws Walk day on the 21st May at various locations around Australia. If you don’t have a furry friend or they don’t have an event day disposition, consider volunteering at your local event.

For a little bit of cuteness overload, check out Lucy’s Day Out at the Million Paws Walk in 2015.


For further information, check out:



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