To Save A Life Is To Save All Of Humanity

Anyone who has any understanding of the battle faced by Syrian’s in their homeland will have heard of, and hopefully watched, the brilliant documentary, White Helmets.

The film follows the daily life of the Syrian Civil Defence, a team of local volunteers in each city who run towards bombs as they fall.

In cities where public servants are none existent and medical help is sparse, these heroes have scoured rubble to save more than 85,200 people.

The volunteers, known by the white helmets their wear when entering the crumbled buildings, place themselves in danger to save lives and have lost dozens of their own as a result.

The Oscar winning documentary is an eye-opening must-see. A human should never be forced to endure this life and the world needs to be doing so much more to ensure that every human life is equally valued.

Syria and its surrounds is a terrifying place to live at this moment in history and every first-world nation must offer refuge where they can if people are to survive this war. If only people could spend more time looking out for each other rather than fearing communities that are different.

Head to the White Helmet website for more information:

The doco is on Netflix. If you don’t access to Netflix, how are you even existing right now?


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