The Weight of the World

Sometimes you wake up and float through your day feeling blessed and blissful. Then there are those days when you wake up, check the time, pull the covers back over your head and feel like the world is pressing in.

Earn money, have a career, clean the toilet, cook a dessert, see a friend, call your mother, open a new bank account, write your will, go on a bloody date, do something you love, go for a god damned walk, do something good for humanity! Our to do lists can be never ending. The world can keep shoving new things in our faces that we ‘should’ be doing with our time. Our own minds can create these big mountains of never ending time drains that can make us feel like we are being strangled. At the end of the day, when we finally drag our bodies in to bed, we have spent our waking hours berating ourselves. Ever laid awake with your mind chewing over thoughts while anxiety and guilt sit on your chest?

Why am I crying?

Sometimes you can be so caught up rushing and in a downward spiral that you don’t even take the time to stop and work out why you feel this way. Take time to meditate, go take an hour for yourself, write in a journal or do your ‘thing’ that you need to do. Help  stop the fog building in your mind and get connected back with yourself. Our soul will have the answers but it takes us getting to the quiet to be able to hear her.

Releasing the valve

Break down what the issues are or where your time is going. If there is something that doesn’t make you feel good, start to focus on what you can do to improve it. Are you worrying about not having enough money? Sit down and look at what you need to do to fix the situation. Do you keep saying yes to things that are just cluttering up your life that you don’t want to go to. Are you spending any time during a week where it’s purely for your enjoyment?

Remembering the big picture

We only have roughly 100 years on the earth (this could be a bit generous) and most of us will already be part way along that life journey. Time is a fluid thing that humans like to get a bit emotional about. Another day will come. Your ‘to do’ list can wait, your goals and dreams will unveil as they will and there is nothing helpful about spending the day you have wrapped up in anxiety, stress and fear. Focus on a couple of things you want to get done for the day or choose to use your time that makes you the happiest. Trust that it will eventually all work out.

You only have your present moment that you can change. The past has been and the future will come when she is ready.


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