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Tips for Saving the Moolah

Money. You love it. You hate it. Either way it seems to make the world go around. Sometimes it can feel like it’s trickling out faster than staying in. We thought we would do a mid-week pick me up with some moolah saving tips:


  1. When new styles of clothes come out, buy a cheap version first. If you find that it suits you and you will like the style for more than 6 months then purchase something similar in your favourite brand. Nothing worse than dropping a load of money on something that 12 months later, you’re kicking yourself for buying. 177421489bf9c5fd9153a5980bb7a1f1
  2. Buy good quality foundation pieces or constant use items the first time round. If you wear black tailored work pants 5 days a week, buy ones that will last the wear and tear and have quality tailoring.
  3. Buy clothes only when you really need them. Right up to the moment you walk to the checkout or go to click online, think “Do I really need this”. Good rule of thumb is to also check in with yourself and ask if you would regret if you didn’t get it.
  4. Do a wardrobe clean out so you can refresh your memory of what clothes you have and then sell, donate or clothes swap with your friends the remaining items.

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The World of Goodreads

Goodreads? What is this Goodreads?

Have you ever felt like you have just figured out this amazing, awesome new in vogue thing only to discover you are possibly 5 years behind everyone else?

We went through that in the final week’s of December 2016. Weirdly enough, we have Emma Watson to thank for the Goodreads discovery. She published her Reading List for 2016 and the magical journey started.

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