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The Relationship Emergency Eject Button

You stride down the street in excitement as you go to meet your partner. You notice him 100 meters away. You imagine running the last distance and flinging yourself into his arms followed by a passionate smooch on the sidewalk. What happens? You walk up to him and he leans in and pecks you on the lips. You feel disappointed. You think to yourself “maybe he doesn’t really care for me”.

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The Dating Game

Do you ever feel like dating, relationships and sex has an unwritten rule book that you can’t seem to grasp? Do you ever create imaginary standards that you then try and force yourself to measure up to? Do you look around and feel like you are tracking along a little slower than everyone else?

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Awesomely Awkward

Let’s face it. If we’re able to even have a normal conversation with the male species, we count that as a win. Getting them to actually want to spend time with us on a more permanent basis? Epic Win. Having had no experience in these matters, we can only base the research of this post on the books we’ve read, things we’ve watched and whatever we’ve daydreamed.

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Seven Stages of Singledom

When you’re single there are a few different stages that you go through. Sometimes you feel great and other times you want to blame every person you have ever met. These are just some of the phases that people go through when dealing with singledom. Some of these may be in your head (actually probably most of them are) but we are here to let you know that there are others out there that feel the same. Let us know if you know of any more.

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Chained by My Apron Strings

Dating is…a chance to sell yourself. The self that you currently are or the possibilities of what you could be. You put forward your best face and act like the girl you think the guy will want to be around. What’s concerning is that so often girls can feel like they need to present a convoluted mix of a modern 21st century feminist mixed with a 1950’s domesticated goddess.

Have you ever:

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