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Buddha Baby

As you fly down the highway, heading south from Sydney, you will notice a bright orange temple on your left. This is the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple. Many times, I have gone past it and thought it looked like a fabulously interesting place. Two years ago, I decided to add it to my bucket list. Last year while going through my bucket list items, I decided to pop onto the temple website and discovered they do meditation retreats. I booked myself in for a 2.5-day retreat in mid-June and thought it would be a fascinating experience.

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The Relationship Emergency Eject Button

You stride down the street in excitement as you go to meet your partner. You notice him 100 meters away. You imagine running the last distance and flinging yourself into his arms followed by a passionate smooch on the sidewalk. What happens? You walk up to him and he leans in and pecks you on the lips. You feel disappointed. You think to yourself “maybe he doesn’t really care for me”.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The alarm goes off. You drag yourself out of bed. You chuck your runners on and force yourself out the door. You walk for 20 minutes and with each step you take, you imagine that it’s forcing ever glob of fat to melt of your body. You come back home, step into the bathroom and strip off. You turn your naked body to the mirror and you despise the reflection. The height, the hair colour or style, the face, the breasts, the waist, the skin colour.

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The Weight of the World

Sometimes you wake up and float through your day feeling blessed and blissful. Then there are those days when you wake up, check the time, pull the covers back over your head and feel like the world is pressing in.

Earn money, have a career, clean the toilet, cook a dessert, see a friend, call your mother, open a new bank account, write your will, go on a bloody date, do something you love, go for a god damned walk, do something good for humanity! Our to do lists can be never ending. The world can keep shoving new things in our faces that we ‘should’ be doing with our time. Our own minds can create these big mountains of never ending time drains that can make us feel like we are being strangled. At the end of the day, when we finally drag our bodies in to bed, we have spent our waking hours berating ourselves. Ever laid awake with your mind chewing over thoughts while anxiety and guilt sit on your chest?

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Shittown, Alabama

STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING! And start listen to S-Town, the latest genius podcast from the minds behind Serial and This American Life.

If you already listen to the latter podcasts, you will be familiar with the poetic narratives and soft suspense of the NPR shows. If you don’t, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?

This seven part serial starts out pointing you in one direction but then you quickly find yourself on a ride that leaves you confused and wanting more. It has a little bit of everything – a murder mystery, a treasure hunt, a tragic death and the tales of life.

Without giving too much away, the unique characters from this story are real people and there are plenty of stories around the internet revealing their faces and homes. But before you go searching for this, listen to the podcasts. You get a real sense of their journey as you follow creator Brian Reed uncovering secrets and discovering more about the goals and realities of the people of Woodstock and Bibb County.

The beauty of a podcast is the can be played on your commute, as you exercise or in bed before you fall asleep so you really have no excuse not to start listening. It is only 7 hours in total, after all.

So get on it, and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


It is all down hill from here…

Given directions to the ferry, a man was told the path was ‘all down hill’.  His response? ‘Just like life’.

What do you think he means? Does this hold positive or negative connotations?

We think it can be understood a few different ways – all of which are right.

Is it because life is a down hill slope where the faster you go the more it seems out of control and you miss some of the wonderful things as they fly by? Or maybe it is that you slowly slide through life. After battling to climb up the hill the slide down the other side is smooth and easy.

Maybe it is a bit of both? Yeah, definitely a bit of both.

Just a little food for thought.

I’M RIGHT; you’re wrong…and there is nothing you can do about it.

Last Saturday I hung out with a friend and we suburb hopped around Sydney. As we walked down a dirty, obscure street in Surry Hills, we passed a group of people on the sidewalk. Mostly men with one older lady, different shapes, sizes and ages, some standing; some sitting down on a shop front ledge or milk crates. They all had their heads bowed and were doing a constant muttering. I saw a bible and a sign “Prayer to end abortion”.

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It is time. Time to join a gym.

After many months of deliberation and quietly crying as I stuff handfuls of popcorn in my mouth I have decided that I must take the leap and join a gym.

I have been putting off the inevitable by telling myself that my 1km Saturday run could combat my candy bar a day habit.

But now it is time to face the music (literally, with all the classes) and sign on the dotted line.
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