The World of Goodreads

Goodreads? What is this Goodreads?

Have you ever felt like you have just figured out this amazing, awesome new in vogue thing only to discover you are possibly 5 years behind everyone else?

We went through that in the final week’s of December 2016. Weirdly enough, we have Emma Watson to thank for the Goodreads discovery. She published her Reading List for 2016 and the magical journey started.

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I’M RIGHT; you’re wrong…and there is nothing you can do about it.

Last Saturday I hung out with a friend and we suburb hopped around Sydney. As we walked down a dirty, obscure street in Surry Hills, we passed a group of people on the sidewalk. Mostly men with one older lady, different shapes, sizes and ages, some standing; some sitting down on a shop front ledge or milk crates. They all had their heads bowed and were doing a constant muttering. I saw a bible and a sign “Prayer to end abortion”.

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It is time. Time to join a gym.

After many months of deliberation and quietly crying as I stuff handfuls of popcorn in my mouth I have decided that I must take the leap and join a gym.

I have been putting off the inevitable by telling myself that my 1km Saturday run could combat my candy bar a day habit.

But now it is time to face the music (literally, with all the classes) and sign on the dotted line.
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When a prequel of the sequal, following the original, just isn’t enough…

Do you ever flick through your local chain cinema’s new releases and feel slightly bored with the films available? A solution to your cinematic woes could be taking a slight detour and trying something at a foreign film festival. As much as it can make one feel like a slightly alternative, cultured, up tight, hipster, there are some gorgeous benefits to giving these films a go. If you have a bit of free time in the next few weeks, try the Alliance French Film Festival running in Sydney which ends on 30th March.

French films can be noticeably different in a couple of ways. The most obvious is the use of more realistic looking actors and filming techniques. French films seem to be happy to embrace natural looking people of all different ages and shapes. Try 150 Milligrams and it’s a nice shock to see a middle aged looking woman wearing everyday clothes on the screen. Another option is In Bed with Victoria and see the main love interest look like the dork that was next to you on the morning train. It’s a little refreshing having a break from the ‘Stepford Wife’ gloss that seems to coat most American movies.

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Awesomely Awkward

Let’s face it. If we’re able to even have a normal conversation with the male species, we count that as a win. Getting them to actually want to spend time with us on a more permanent basis? Epic Win. Having had no experience in these matters, we can only base the research of this post on the books we’ve read, things we’ve watched and whatever we’ve daydreamed.

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Seven Stages of Singledom

When you’re single there are a few different stages that you go through. Sometimes you feel great and other times you want to blame every person you have ever met. These are just some of the phases that people go through when dealing with singledom. Some of these may be in your head (actually probably most of them are) but we are here to let you know that there are others out there that feel the same. Let us know if you know of any more.

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Chained by My Apron Strings

Dating is…a chance to sell yourself. The self that you currently are or the possibilities of what you could be. You put forward your best face and act like the girl you think the guy will want to be around. What’s concerning is that so often girls can feel like they need to present a convoluted mix of a modern 21st century feminist mixed with a 1950’s domesticated goddess.

Have you ever:

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Things you can tell strangers

We’ve all been there. You return home after an important business dinner to find your left incisor hidden by a whopping piece of parsley. How long has it been there? You will never really know. Why didn’t anyone tell you? Because they are dickheads, that is why.

Anyone you speak to would agree that it is much more embarrassing to notice the toilet paper on your shoe as you get in the cab to go home than it is to have someone point it out as you exit the loos. So here’s the thing ladies. It is OK to tell a total stranger something like this. A moment of embarrassment can save a lifetime of horror. (Let’s be honest, we all have those moments that haunt us eight years later).
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Podcasts to fill your time and your mind

podcastRunning through the park, lounging on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, squished on the tube, waiting at a bus stop; these are all moments that we usually spend thumbing through our iTunes playlist or Facebook feed. Why not spend this time a little more wisely, learning about the yourself and the world? I like some tunes as much as the next person but sometimes you want to challenge your mind as well as your singing ability (also people will love you more on the tube if they cannot hear your death metal from the other side of the car).

Here are a few podcasts that will make you question your very existence:

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